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December Exhibit

The Monday Studio artists, Caryl Joy Young, Shirley Anderson and I (center) have packed up and taken our art to the Arkansas Repertory Theatre, 601 Main Street, Little Rock, for our exhibition during the play run of “Gift of the Magi.” The “Santaland Diaries” will also be presented in The Rep Annex. I hope you’ll find time to come to The Rep during December to see one or both of these productions — and see our art. 

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Back from my fantastic cruise to Great Britain, Iceland, Greenland and Canada. One of the highlights of this trip was cruising Prince Christian Sound, Greenland. I wasn’t prepared to see the awesomeness of the glaciers and the huge icebergs (as tall as our ship!). One day I painted a small watercolor while sitting in the Observation Deck of our ship. This is the result:


I taught this subject in a class later in the day. Everyone was inspired by the scenery and did a great job of rendering these breathtaking wonders of nature.

Art Journaling

I’m really enjoying revisiting, and adding to, my artist journal of our recent teaching trip to the Amazon River. Photos are always good to have as a remembrance, but sketching the impressions of where I've been, when possible, is even better! It’s the best of all worlds -- combining drawing, painting and writing, to create something personal. The quick sketches are not great works of art but good practice and fun to do! 

web art journal


Remember When

One of my new works is now available on this site. “Out of Gas” Does it bring back some memories?

Remember When

11X 15 Unframed

Delivering Art to The Rep

I've delivered my art to the Arkansas Repertory Theatre, 601 Main Street, Little Rock. It’s now on display until the end of the production of The Crucible. If you come to see the play, be sure to look for my art in the lobby! I’ll be exhibiting my art, along with Shirley Anderson (left) and Caryl Joy Young, shown in the photo below. Several other artists will have their work on display as well. 

IMG 1286 edited-1

That’s me in the middle. We’ve just delivered our art to The Rep.
Always a big job!

Fall Exhibit and Painting Demo in North Little Rock

sandvox image

Here I am at my Argenta Library Exhibit. One of my newest pieces, called "Remember When,” is on the right. Thr scene generated a lot of comments, with people wanting to know where I got my inspiration. I said it could be anywhere in rural America, especially in the South. I actually snapped the photo as a reference for this painting when we were driving down a country road in South Carolina. The painting will be available on this website soon. 

me demo argenta

On Saturday morning I did a watercolor demonstration at the Argenta Library. It was a beautiful place to paint.

castle steps1

The Demo: Castle Steps (Available Online Now)

A Work in Progress

I’m working on an oil painting right now for a patron. It’s a scene depicting Dauphin Island in Alabama. It’s enriching just to work on this sunset. So zen!!!

DSC 0002 edited-1

I’ll be adding sucessive layers of glazes now to deepen sand dune shadows and to unify thier highlights with the rest of the painting. Stay tuned.

Workshop Photos

Just in! Photos of my May workshop at Richeson Art in Kimberly  Wisconsin. What a great experience to teach among hundreds of pieces of contemporary art by world-renowned artists. If you are in the area be sure to visit the Richeson Gallery!

image 1


Small Works

While working on an oil painting commission, I am painting a few small watercolors to try out a new watercolor brand (new to me) — Yarka St. Petersburg. So far, I like this product. It will be great for painting plein air as it has a nice small container.

Tavern Allegra

Tavern Allegra

Fixer Upper edited-1

Fixer Upper

English Cottage edited-1

English  Cottage

Award Winner

I just got my painting back to the studio after its month long exhibit in Hot Springs Village. It was part of a juried exhibition, and Trois was awarded a 2nd place ribbon!

DSC 0001

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