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Afiliation with Jack Richeson & Co.
I have been using Jack Richeson & Co. art materials for years, mainly because of their quality and consistency. I am honored to have been asked by Jack Richeson & Co. to configure two watercolor sets from the paints and brushes I use. These sets are available for purchase online on the Amazon website. Click here to see my plein air set. These are the paints and brushes I use when I’m painting on location. For painting in the studio, I’ve configured a beginner’s set of basic pigments and brushes from the paints and brushes I use. Click here to see my studio set.

May/June 2107 Exhibit

Garvan Woodland Gardens in Hot Springs. We have been held over for the month of June! I love to show my art at the Gardens. What a beautiful place. I sometimes paint there plein air. There’s always a painting just waiting for me to capture.

August/September 2017 Teaching Cruise
Teaching on a 24-day cruise aboard the Seabourn Quest, sailing from Dover/London to Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Greenland, Iceland, Newfoundland, Quebec, ending in Montreal. I’ve been designing lesson plans to coincide with our ports of call — mostly watercolor, but some surprises along the way. Maybe you can join me? Email me if you have questions.

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